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for creatives.

Modern creatives go back and forth between different occasions: work/play, air/ground, etc. Our shoes are engineered to adapt to the ever-changing scene and set the new default for modern day wear.

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With "creative functionalism" and experimental spirit as theme, we develop timeless and daily use footwear and leather product in consideration of city life.

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The brand's concept, “creative functionalism” embraces two opposing aspects in the form of diverging and converging elements. New value created by the friction will be expressed by using materials, colors and compositions.

コンセプトは “ creative functionalism “ 。創造的(= 発散する)と機能的(= 収斂する)という形態において相反する2つの要素。その摩擦から生まれる新しい価値を、素材・色調・構成によって表現する。

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