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森 雅誠

Seller's Address


Tokyo 1F 5-25-6, Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan


This phone number has been confirmed as valid and accurate.

Hours & Shop Information

▶︎ Opening hours
 Mon.-Fri. 1 pm to 5 pm. / Sat. Sun. and holidays are closed.
 New Year hours are as follows : We are closed from 12/31 to 1/3

About Price

》The selling price will be the displayed amount (displayed price / tax included).


About Payment Billing Date

》Payment method: Credit card payment is accepted.
》Payment period: Payment is confirmed when the order is placed.


▶︎ Application expiration date
- Depending on the payment method, your order may be cancelled if we are unable to confirm payment within 1 week of the order being placed.

▶︎ 申込有効期限
- 決済方法によっては、ご注文成立後1週間経過しても入金等の確認ができない場合ご注文をキャンセルさせていただく場合がございます。

Deferred payment (Payment in full is made at a convenience store up to 14 days after you have been billed):

Deferred payment processing fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

View deferred payment service MIRAIBARAI's terms of service here

Post pay(Pay ID):

・ Convenience store: Pay on the 10th of the month following purchase: Payment service fee: 350 JPY (tax included)

・ Bank account transfer: Debited account by the 27th of the following month : Payment service fee: Free

Bank Transfer:

Bank Transfer commission fee: 360 yen (w/ tax)

Shipping Date

▶︎ Period
- Please allow up to 30 - 45 days for shipping due to the fact that the products are made to order by our craftsmen. Please note that we do not accept order cancellation after pre-ordering.

▶︎ 期間
- 職人による受注生産の為、発送に【30 - 45日】程度頂いております。また、ご予約後のオーダーキャンセルはお受けいたしかねます。

▶︎ Notification
- We will send you a shipping completion email upon completion of product shipment. Please note that there may be a delay in contacting you due to congestion. Order and shipping completion emails will be sent from [info@stglitz.com]. (*Please make sure that you are able to receive emails from [info@stglitz.com] as they may be assigned to the trash or junk mail.)

▶︎ 通知
- 商品出荷完了時に、発送完了メールをお送りしております。混雑状況により連絡が遅れてしまう場合がございますので予めご了承ください。注文・発送完了メールは【info@stglitz.com】からご連絡いたします。(*ゴミ箱や迷惑メールに割り振られる可能性がありますので、【info@stglitz.com】からのメールが受信出来るよう設定をお願いいたします。)

Notes on Refund and Returning Goods

▶︎ Size exchange (within Japan)
- Please contact us with your new size within 7 days of delivery and return the products to the address below. Return shipping will be responsible by the customer and asked to be paid before sending. Exchange in colors cannot be accepted at this time.

Please note that we cannot accept size exchange in the following cases.

》Products that have been delivered for more than 7 days.
》Products that have been used or worn outdoors at least once.
》Products that have been washed and cleaned.
》Products that have been smelled, stained, or scratched by the customer.
》Products for which the delivery note, product tag, label or accessory has been detached or lost.

▶︎ サイズ交換
- 商品到着後【7日以内】に【contact】ページより【お名前・ご注文番号・変更希望サイズ】を記載の上ご連絡ください。異なる商品・カラーへの交換は不可となります。(*交換の際の返送料・送料はお客様負担となります。着払いにて返送された場合、後日ご請求させて頂く場合がございます)



▶︎ 返品
- 当店では商品不良・誤配送以外の返品・交換は承っておりません。発送時に商品のチェックを行なっておりますが、万が一不備があった際は良品との交換、又は返品にてご対応させて頂きます。【3日以内】に【contact】ページより【お名前・ご注文番号】を記載の上ご連絡をお願い申し上げます。折り返し、返品・返金方法をご案内いたします。(*送料は弊社で負担させていただきます)



_ news letter

We will send you the latest information on new products, sales, etc.